JC Mackintosh wins the "Oscar" for flavor

The Smoked Loin Carpaccio and the Smoked Ventresca Carpaccio have achieved the most recognized independent certification in the world of taste. This award is hosted by the prestigious Brussels-based International Taste Institute, the leading organization dedicated promoting superior tasting food products, whose jury is made up of the best chefs in the world. JC Mackintosh has won this certificate to the first Wild-Caught Smoked Bluefin Tuna in the market. A unique product world-wide born in Tarifa. 

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Smoked Bluefin Tuna

NATURAL SMOKE: Smoked with Oak, Beech and wine casks from Rioja Alavesa vineyard. COLD SMOKING: This is the most prestigious method there is. The meat remains raw, soft and tender throughout the 20 to 30°C smoking process by impregna- ting it with smoke rather than coo- king it, which causes the loss of the innate qualities of the meat as a re- sult of the heat treatment to which it is subjected in hot smoking. FLAMELESS SMOKE: We keep flames away the combus- tion process because fire produces phenols and benzopyrenes that give an unpleasant taste, as well as being toxic. The chips we use to produce smoke are kept incandescent without burning. THE PROCESS: The total elaboration process lasts three days. First the tuna is marina- ted for 24 hours with unrefined vir- gin salts and sugars. Then we begin to smoke it with several combustion processes. The smoke is changed every 40 minutes to make a “clean smoke”. The third step is leaving the meat to mature for 24 hours giving the smoke time to rest. After that the product is ready for delivery.

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Fresh Bluefin Tuna

In JC Mackintosh we do not freeze, we fish on request from Monday to Friday throughout the year. This is possible since Tarifa is one of the few places in the world where there is bluefin tuna every day of the year. Download Logistics Sheet Lomo AltoLomo Bajo

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GastroActitud Awards

As in previous years, the portal Gastroactitud wants to recognize through these awards the work of Spanish entrepreneur who with their daily work make possible the survival of gastronomic products of exceptional quality.

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The Craft Behind The "Ronqueo"

As soon as you see a bluefin tuna, you realize that it is a special fish. Its size is impressive, the color of its flesh is a deep red (more like the color of beef than fish). Seeing how it is dismantled is an experience and an art. This show is called ronqueo. The name comes from the curious sound that the knife makes when touching the backbone of the fish, a sound very similar to a snore.

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Part By Part

Ronqueo is the traditional method of tearing the tuna. The name is due to the noise made by the knife when brushing the backbone.

The most colorful features of bluefin tuna are its colorful exterior. The upper half is darker and the lower half is lighter. This distinction is its system of camouflage before its predators, the orcas. Thus seen from a higher position, its dark back confused with the bottom, and seen from below, it is confused with the clarity of the sky. The dark back consists of black tail, tenderloin and sirloin. The lomo claro, which is more fatty, is made up of white tail, tarantelo and belly. The latter is the most valued part in Japan and is curiously called O-Toro. Inside is the heart, roe, liver and crop. Formerly these parts were not commercialized and were for the use of the fishermen, except the eggs, which were used for salting. Finally, there is the head, where are the delicacies of the morrillo, mormo, contramormo and facera.

Did you know that it is possible to consume fresh bluefin tuna throughout the year? Not only is it captured in the almabraba period. All year round there is wild red tuna in the waters of the Strait.

Green Stick. What Is It?

The fever for the practice of this technique of the Green Stick began a few years ago in Japan, later it was copied and carried out successfully by some North American specialists, and from there it happened to Hawaii, where it has become the most habitual practice for its demonstrated effectiveness, and for being tremendously exciting and fun. In the world of extreme charter, the most experienced captains and skippers in the world have begun to put it into practice, especially in Costa Rica and in the Caribbean and Bahamas.

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