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Mª Inmaculada´s Crew

Daniel Mackintosh

  • Captain
  • Fishing Bluefin Tuna since 2016
  • "My passion, the Sea; my sport, Fishing; my favorite dish, bluefin tuna; and my place ... Tarifa"

Paco Guerrero García

  • "Ronqueador" Master
  • Fishing Bluefin Tuna since 1985
  • "We go out fishing with great enthusiasm, we return with an authentic treasure on board."

Diego Montano

  • Sailor
  • Fishing Bluefin Tuna since 1986
  • "Our Clients are delighted after tasting JC Mackintosh´s Bluefin Tuna. Thank you!"

Adrián Mackintosh

  • "Ike Jime" Master
  • "Bluefin Tuna fishing is an art that we perform and treat as such. Bluefin Tuna is a delicacy offered by the Sea."
La Tripulación

The guardians of quality JC Mackintosh

"Your satisfaction is our greatest reward"

Juan Carlos Mackintosh

We are a company formed by a group of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, specializing in the fishing of Mediterranean bluefin tuna.
We are located in the Strait of Gibraltar, in Tarifa (Cádiz), at the southernmost point of continental Europe, the place of passage of the great migrations of many species.

It witnesses the passage of bluefin tuna that migrates to the Mediterranean Sea to spawn. This area is especially rich in fishing and tradition of this species, today finally so valued and deservedly recognized.

We handle the entire production process: from fishing, transport, cutting, cleaning, packaging and distribution.

Our specialization is the Red Tuna, we are dedicated exclusively to fishing in the Strait of Gibraltar and Atlantic Ocean, an area that has the best qualities.

We work very hard to have an excellent relationship with each of our customers, offering the best quality to the palate of their guests.


After each day of fishing and as soon as we reach the port, the first thing we do is unload the tuna in the fish market, where they are measured, weighed and assigned a traceability code. Once this procedure has been completed, we bring you to our 150 m² facilities, perfectly equipped and equipped in the same port of Tarifa, 200 meters from the fish market. Our facilities consist of a 20 m² cold room with slush pools where we put the tunas for at least 12 hours, to cool them to the optimum temperature of 2 ° Celsius.
The most extensive area is that of ronqueo and manipulation, where we also prepare them for shipment.

In these facilities our tuna do not spend more than a day or two, we do not accumulate stock or freeze. We only sell fresh tuna.


We do international urgent delivery in 48-72 hours.

All our shipments are carefully prepared so that the fresh tuna arrives in the best conditions direct from the sea to its destination. The entire preparation process for the proper shipment of fresh bluefin tuna is carried out in a conditioned and refrigerated environment.

We recommend to order 2/3 days in advance, as availibity depends on the weather conditions.

Regarding the quality of the product, if you are not compleately satisfied, all you have to do is call us and we will take care of it without any cost on your part.


We have three owned fishing boats equipped with Green Stick®. María Inmaculado, Bárbara and Sandra, and Daserbe.

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